Les Petits Metiers...

  1. I stopped by the duty free shop in Milan Malpensa looking for the Cheval sur mon Carre and got Les Petits Metiers de Paris in blue instead. It is so cute!!! You can't really tell from the hermes.com photos, but each little person is labeled. I love "La Vendeuse de Rubans". :smile:

    The sweet SA gave me a copy of the 'play with your scarf' booklet -- I can't wait to get home to try all the different ideas in front of a mirror. :yahoo: I'll post pics of what looks good...
  2. I love that scarf!!! It is sooo pretty! What a great choice. Please model it for us!
  3. Isn't that scarf just the cutest? I haven't seen it in blue tho but on the weekend my SA showed me the pink and pointed out most of the characters, even the um.. "pro".. Lol!
  4. I must check out this scarf. I'm guessing, from the title of it, that the "pro" you politely mention refers to someone who belongs to the oldest profession in the world??? :P
  5. ^^ :graucho:
  6. Oooh! I just reboxed the scarf, but now I need to see this little image!
  7. Love this scarf!!! Congrats! :yahoo: It's so cute.
  8. Can we see pictures??
  9. Yep regarding the 'pro', I was so surprised to see it too when I brought mine home...I saw this woman in the little box and did a double-take, and thought, "no it cannot be..." but it is...and they called her 'Lady Of The Night' :P Darn cheeky of Hermes but I like :heart:
  10. Now I am really intrigued!! Could someone post some pics of this scarf?? :confused1:
  11. me too! :yes: Pics! Pics! Pics! :wlae:..........Pleassssseeee :smile:
  12. LOL! It's done quite tastefully and I wouldn't really have guessed she was a "pro" coz a) I wouldn't expect it on an Hermes scarf, hehe, and b) it's cute, not nasty.:lol: Ok.. the website has one.. Hermes.com

    Can you spot where she is? :graucho:
  13. ARGH! I got this in pink to frome for Grace's room...I haven't had a close look at it, and now it's at the framers!!!

    Holy Moly, is this appropriate for a 3 year old girls bedroom wall??????? LOL!!
  14. Kristie!!! :roflmfao: I still think it would look really cute...it's so colorful!
  15. *snicker* heeheeheehee.............:lol: :upsidedown: