Les Petits Ateliers d'Hermes

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  1. I was visiting the Ginza H store this afternoon and I bumped into an entire class of future H addicits taking a perfume making class. Here's a couple of photos from my phone camera. DD is only 1 1/2, so they won't let me buy an apron for her. Oh well...
    petit atelier 2.jpg petit atelier 1.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

    OMG, how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one of those for Rose Jr!!
  3. ^^^ OMG! The orange aprons are so cute! Rose, I can totally imagine Rose Jr wearing one of these! She would look just adorable. And I bet she would wear it with loads of pride too!

    Thank you, LTC for sharing this photo. :tup:
  4. I wonder if NYC run these charming classes...must find out....
  5. My SA told me that they run these classes at the Ginza store only one weekend per annum. Your dd has to be between 9 to 14 years of age. dh was keen to find out whether they have bags making classes, but the answer was a simply "no".

    If I had Rose's dd with me, I would have had a better chance of scoring an apron. I nearly beg for one, but they just wouldn't sell it to me.
  6. Ah well, perhaps a trip to the Ginza store when Rose jr is 9....

    lol, I would have begged too....
  7. That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!!

    Thanks for posting that!!! I love it!
    So brilliant of H to get them started early.
  8. too cute!
  9. wow! starting the young ones early on the route to Hermes, LOL!
  10. Adorable!
  11. Adorable!!

    I really have to have a child one of these days. :p
  12. Those are the cutest little aprons.

    Rose our DDs are the same age - I'll meet you at the Ginza when they're 9 for Les Petits Ateliers d'Hermes

    Licencetocook - thank you so much for posting :flowers:
  13. so cute! thanks for posting licencetocook!
  14. ^^^ It's a plan! We probably have to start working on an 'SA relationship' now so they get invited, lol!
  15. Licence - is it always around this time of year?