"Les Parisiens"....voila!!!!

  1. Here they are......the Parisians.....all on one scarf :love:
  2. ...and here's one for CROCHETBELLA!!!!
  3. ....and my favorite portrait....
  4. Bellissima!!! I am so happy for you!
  5. ...and here's S'Mom after a day of shopping at H and not finding anything at all!!!!
  6. Love it SM!!! Such a pretty color combo
  7. Ah, it's lovely........wonder if they'll do a pochette version.
  8. Spectacular - congratulations!!
  9. It's gorgeous! Is that Josephine? She looks so ladylike there.
  10. I LOVE IT!

    Yay, you!
  11. Congratulations, shopmom!
  12. Congratulations Shopmon. That is gorgeous and so much fun!! It will look great with ALL your bags, I think. I love it!:yes:
  13. Yay!!! So glad you finally got your scarf, D!
  14. Shopmom, you're like Hercules, in search of his quests. One down, 999 more to go.
  15. I love this scarf! Good for you!