"Les Parisians"

  1. Anyone see the "Les Parisians" scarf IRL yet? I'm so attracted to the design of all Pariasian women but I haven't seen it in my store yet! Just the little scarf booklet......:sad:

    ....do I even NEED another scarf? This week I have THREE coming!!!!! :wtf:

    i need AA for Hermes addiction.............
  2. :yes: I know the feeling!

    I haven't seen it anywhere either. :shrugs: And I really want one since it has a dachshund on it. :love:
  3. LOL shopmom - I've said it before, the word "NEED" cannot be used with Hermes!!!! Haven't seen it but love it as well...many of us need an intervention btw, you are not alone!!
  4. Oh, no! D, we had put one aside for you in NYC, remember? It was a return. The store didn't request that pattern and it's been a tough one to find. The scarf was not my style, black background with earthtones and you know I like my scarves vibrant. If I had known CB wanted it, I would have contacted her. This apparently is a tough pattern to come by. So if anyone sees it, please post.
  5. Thank you anyway HG!!! You are so sweet. :flowers: If I ever happen to see it I'll let you know right away S'mom!!!
  6. HG I know! E left a message and then we played phone-tag for a while and then all was lost!!!!!

    But you DID see it, right? Other than the colors, did you like the design?
  7. The design was interesting, it folded really well (you know that's important with me), but the colorway didn't suit me.

    CB, you would have liked the abstract expressionist dachshund in the corner.
  8. Hello. My name is Heather and I'm a scarf addict. It has been 0 hours since I bought a scarf.:blush:
  9. what did you buy het?
  10. Let me see:
    Les Toits de Paris Carre in the dark blue colorway
    Des Fleurs pour les dire Pochette in the red colorway
    Brides de Gala Twilly in the black colorway
    the black bi-color scarf ring (thank you Rose!!)
    and also the Hermes bible.
    Currently I am considering Fleurs et Pluems Pochette in the green colorway.
  11. LOL, hetj!!!! Just bought a few myself!

    "Axis Mundi" in glorious blues,
    "Les Triplets" in Lavendar/Blue
  12. Mom! Mom! Mom!

    Congratulations on Axis Mundi. The one I want, but I want it in apricot. The search is on!!!!

    I love my Les Triples. I have the yellow (which I bought because of how good it looks on Joanna) and also the white (which I adore).

    And congratulations on getting your Central Park. I would love to see that one.

    I receieved my Les Toits de Paris yesterday. Absolutely beautiful.

    As an aside, though I received the Carre yesterday and ADORE the design, I still prefer the pochettes. Maybe it will just take some getting used to.
  13. Hey D,
    I know that it comes in Teal, Graphite, Black, a rasberry red, and creams and pinks. It is super hard to find but a good SA could locate one and bring it in from Paris for you. My SA did this and brought in the red and black one to chose from. I chose the black one but am kicking myself now for not getting both. It is very sophisticated and artsy. I say it is an extension of a CLERC one but more Picasso in design. There is a woman smoking, women of all ages and several men in it. Two dogs, a dachsund (SP?) and a dalmation too. I say call that super nice SA in LV that you did your SO with.
  14. Whoa D, you went for the Les Triples! Yay! The lavender/blue is so pretty! Add me to the Hermes AA list; I've been a little crazy with the scarves recently as well. I should have known better than to start with the scarves--for someone with OCD it's totally dangerous! During my vacation I added:

    Lumieres de Paris pleated (pink & red)
    Fantaisies Indiennes in blue/brown
    Axis Mundi (beige)
    Early America pleated (cream/rouge) and regular (navy/framboise)
    and the new spring butterfly pattern in black/fuschia

    I need help!
  15. Okay Orchids. I'm with you. OCD and scarves match too well. I would love to see your Axis Mundi. How long ago did you get that? I am in search of it. Rather frantically.

    I need help,too...