Les Papillons

  1. For some reason I suddenly decided I might like a Papillon 30 :blink:. I never really liked it much until I looked at some of the threads in My Bag Showcase and it started to look cute :huh:. I don't want the Vernis Bedford because I'll end up scratching it too badly, so now it's either in the Monogram Canvas or Damier Canvas. I found some good deals on eBay which end in a day or so, but before I bid on anything I just wanted to know which line you guys think I should get it in.


    The funny thing is, I never even really liked the Damier Canvas :blink:! But I think the Papillon might somehow look better in Damier.

    I'm saying all this as if I didn't just come back from Manhattan with 4 new LV bags and 2 Wapities:smash:!
  2. Both are very nice..but if I had to pick..........

    Monogram Canvas for the win!
  3. LUCKY U!! hehehe I dont like either in the Pap but I like it in EPI!!!! ( i know its a different name but they're pretty similar)
  4. you just purchased the speedy in mono 25
    i say go for the damier pap

    i'm not a fan in the damier either but i think the damier really looks very very nice in the pap!
  5. i never liked the damier but its growing on me. i think it would look great in the papillon & speedy.
  6. i would get it in damier, i think damier looks great on that style!
  7. I like that bag now, too...Didn't really like it until I saw my very chic hair stylist carrying one.:rolleyes: She's what I call casual-chic. Her jeans always fit perfectly...she has the most unique belts...And her tees...where the hell does she find them?!?! :blink: She puts it all together so perfectly. I just want to strangle her because I feel like a bum whenever I go for my appointments! I don't need the pressure at the salon!!! :roflmfao:

    She has the Damier Canvas Pap 30 that she wears with everything and I want one like that sooooo bad, but I could never wear it when I go to the salon.:lol:
  8. i would vote for the damier. you should slowly savour your 4 new LV bags and 2 wapitys before adding to the family, mabbe? :P *lucky gal*!!
  9. Love The Mono, The Epi, The Damier, The Bedford......All Beautiful

    To Pick One ~ Mono Papillon
  10. Damier!!!!!!!!! It's much more modern looking, and it'll look new 10 yrs from now with the vachetta trim.
  11. I am $100 away from getting a pap 30 in damier (I can't wait!!). I thought long and hard about the epi soufflot, but I need something that's not as stiff. Of course, I'll go and check them out in person very soon just to make sure, but the damier canvas just somehow really shows off the papillon style so well. I figure I'll wait for the epi turenne hobos to come out for my next epi bag.
  12. I tried on the mono and damier pap when I went shopping at the store and I thought the damier looked better in the pap. It did bring out the style better than the mono I thought for this particular bag.
  13. You baddie! :noggin:
    Go for different with the Damier! :yes:
  14. Damier. Definitely. I may join the big league too! (plus the little one that comes with the 30 looks too cute!)
  15. Get the monogram! :yes: I have one and love it to death. Plus the baby papillon in mono is so darn cute! :love: