Les Marais Collection

  1. Nordstrom MOA just received the new pieces from the "Les Marais" collection. Thus far, Nordstrom MOA has received two styles: the bowler and the shoulder flap. The bowler is currently available in dark brown or "black" (really gold with black showing through). The bowler retails for $2250. The shoulder flap is currently available in dark brown or dark grey. The shoulder flap retails for $2595. As shown in the photos, the chain straps can be worn short or long. When adjusted to the longer position, this bag could be worn crossbody.
    Les Marais Gold Bowler.JPG Les Marais Dark Brown Bowler.JPG Les Marais Dark Brown Flap.JPG Les Marais Dark Gray Flap.JPG
  2. thanks for the pics!
  3. I love this bag! It looks a bit like diamond stitch from last season. Is it calfskin??
  4. I am loving the flap, but can't see what the leather looks like. Is it distressed?
  5. Wow, the flap looks like another hybrid! Outdoor leather with diamond stitch size CC, and the body looks like the luxe flap!
  6. that's such a good observation ocgirl! I saw the bowler in black at NM and I just love love love the leather. You wouldn't ever have to baby it, but I was hoping to see it in other colors too...
  7. It is calfskin leather with a distressed finish to it. VERY very durable.
  8. that bowler looks kind of like one of the bags that went on sale this season... i think it was the cloudy bundle bowler.
  9. I totally agree!
  10. Yes looks VERY similar to the bowler that was on sale for <$1000!
  11. WOW - these look like updated cousins of the Outdoor Ligne. I have a hobo from that ligne and also briefly had a tote. GREAT leather if you are hard on your bags or need a bag to toss around.
  12. CHANELboy - does this ligne have a tote?
  13. Oh, I just checked the Chanel website and there is a photo of the bowler on it but it is described as lambskin??? Still lovely though.
  14. I'd be curious about a tote style as well.
  15. trunk31.jpg