Les Jardins d'Andalousie

  1. After so many years of longing, I finally succeeded in buying my first Hermès silk scarf. Last Thuesday I went to Padova and I bought 'Les Jardins d'Andalousie' scarf. I loved its decorative motif of lemons, pomegranates and jasmins, very Mediterranean :heart:
    I totally adore it and I am looking forward to my summer holidays, when I can finally wear it!
    Immagine 009.jpg Immagine 010.jpg
  2. Superqueen...I LOVE the lemons/pomegranates...that one is just gorgeous. The colors just pop! I have to agree it is so Mediterranean!

    Enjoy them because they will look gorgeous on your coloring.

    Thank you for sharing. GO ITALY!
  3. Congratulation! It is just gorgeous Superqueen!!! The colors are amazing!!
  4. Congratulations!!! This is one of my favorite patterns of all times!!! I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I do.
  5. Very pretty! Congrats!
  6. That scarf is so fun!! Perfect for summer
  7. Love it!!
  8. Gorgeous scarf, congratulations ! Such a beautiful intricate design.
  9. Congrats it is beautiful! That's one of my favorites. So vibrant and intricate. :smile: :heart:
  10. Thanks everybody!!!
  11. Congratulations on your scarves! They are so beautiful! I love the designs, have you started using them yet?
  12. Beautiful choice! I LOVE the colors and agree that this design is perfectly mediteranean!

    It'll look fantastic on you!!!!!!
  13. :love: love it so fresh and juicy
  14. Oh, that's such a pretty scarf.

    Did they give you the scarf book with it?