Les Cles Twilly

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  1. Has anyone seen the new Les Cles twillies? They're absolutely gorgeous. I saw one in turquoise colorway and the other in white colorway. I've always loved that pattern on a scarf and it's great to see that they're having it on the twilly as well. I hope they come out with more colors in the twillies soon~~:yahoo:
  2. No, do you have a pic?
  3. Hi Kou!! Yes, I've seen the new LES CLES twilies!! I actually got one 2 weeks ago in the white colorway w/ pink keys!!! I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! I also saw it in the another color but just can't quite remember right now. My memory has gone to sh*t since having a baby!!! I took pics but haven't uploaded, I will when I get a chance!
  4. No I don't :crybaby: I didn't buy one since they didn't have one in fuchsia colorway. They're totally gorgeous though.

    Moviegirl, can you snap a photo of your twilly for us? I just love the keys!!
  5. I saw it at Bergdorf Goodman, One with white background, and pink keys, and the other with a cobalt blue and kelly-green keys.
  6. My sister just got that one on Friday when we went to Hermes! I never took a pic. It's pretty!!!!! she got it in the Blue colorway
  7. Yep I think that's what my SA showed me last week. I wish I would ahve paid more attention, but they were gorgeous!
  8. Am glad to know that there are new twillys! They were said to have been discontinued. Would love to see some pics of your new twillys, MG!
  9. We got special Les Cles Twillys issued for the new store last Spetember - our are orange with "Sydney" on them!
  10. Gorgeous, GF!
  11. Thats it!
  12. GF, that's gorgeous!!! :heart: the bag too! :love:
  13. Very cute! I adore Twillys!!!
  14. me too, love twillys!! :love: I like those Sydney twillys! *off to eBay*
  15. Wow that's pretty! Gotta check them out myself now!