Les clès in fuschsia?

  1. It's a lovely colour and would look stunning if you were wearing black (say black trouser suit). Having just bought my dream bag (and am on a high), I say GO FOR IT!!
  2. What is your normal wardrobe colors? I wear alot of black, white, navy, grey, turquoise/teal and fuschia. Both turquoise/teal and fuschia can pop the neutrals. I don't have a full fuschia scarf :flowers:
  3. normally I'm waring a lot of dark suits or a skrit/crewneck combination, so this would be quite nice.
    But I'm still not sure about the color of the les clès scarf and it's hard to deceide without actually trying it on. Although I'm really loving the pattern, I think, I'll pass on that one and wait until all the gorgous F/W scarfes are coming to my local store ;)
  4. oh yeah, AW 2007 scarves are all so pretty!! :heart: :heart: I am so going to be broke :sweatdrop: