L'Epanoui GM

  1. I am thinking of purchasing the L'Epanoui bag in white but I am trying to justify it to myself?

    (Not available in UK so it will cost more than the £1635 ($3200) retail value- probably closer to £2000($3900) to get it to the UK)

    Now for that sum of money I could buy more LVs like the PH + BH + Damier Duomo. But I am not really a collector and I know from past experiences that if I bought loads of bags I wouldn't really use them often (very lazy and fickle).

    This bag could be used for school?, work and do you think I could use it to go to bars and restaurants? It's not too business-like is it?

    I can't believe I am considering spending that much on a bag. But it has been discontinued over in the UK which could mean that it could be discontinued from all over the world. Also it could be worth a lot in the future. I mean it is an investment isn't it? And it looks so pretty. Also I wont be able to afford it when I leave home and start my pre-reg (Pharmacy) work.

    Also I don't have any white bags and I read in one of the posts that Suhali line doesn't get dirty. But then I could get the L'Talenteux in white.........
  2. this bag is one of my dream bag..love to see it on Sandra..so gorgeous..
  3. i have the white L'Epanoui GM and i love it. but i find it more suitable for work and maybe school. i did take to school before, and i know i'll be using it for work when i start my new job. the price is very steep but i think it's worth it; the leather is so plush and the bag on the whole looks so elegant and classy
  4. Ok so no bars and stuff. But definitely school and work. And people won't know its an LV which is good. With the other bags I could get them later on, after the price increase especially the Duomo but then I read somewhere that the red lining inside 'bleeds' or something.
  5. the lining that bleeds is the Damier Speedy. the Duomo has the red alcantara lining which never bleeds
  6. Oh :yahoo:

    With regards to the L'Epanoui, it doesn't get dirty right?
  7. mine is still in flawless condition, even though it's white and i've had it for about 8 months now. the leather is such that you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth and it'll be fine
  8. Oh I would love to own one of those :yes:
  9. hmm... another bag to consider.. hmm...
  10. Sorry I might be thick but what do you mean by that?:confused1:

    Explanations neccessary. Thanks. Do you mean that you like it/ what
  11. The thing is I am going to be a pharmacist, do you think it is a good bag to take to this type of work? because I am terrified that drugs may fall on it and ruin the leather.

    If I can't use it for work then I probably can't buy it because where else could I use it right? and for £2000 that is a lot isn't it for a bag that won't be used for much?
  12. get it....its so hot
  13. Yes, I really like it and I'm considering to get one!:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  14. It is a lovely bag.
  15. It is a beautiful bag! Get it and wear it in good health!