Leopard Sprouse Scarf - what do you think?

  1. I waitlisted for the Leopard Sprouse Shawl this August but my store didn't get any and they were sold out within few days. So I didn't get a chance to buy one :sad:

    I found a brand new one on eBay for $1100. I think it's kinda pricey but I really want it so bad. What do you think? Should I buy it for $1100? Or maybe wait to see if I can get it for less? The retail was $600 and now the prices are much higher since it was LE item.

    Let me know what you all think.

  2. all the sprouse shawl i have seen on eBay goes over $1K. if you really don't mind paying over-retail for it then go for it. buy it only if you are absolutely in love with the scarf. good luck in your decision.
  3. i bought mine from the store but at the time the canadian price was still quite expensive, so after taxes i think it came close to 800ish? whle i love the scarf, i dont' think i would pay over retail for it. keep checking u never know, my store told me that they might be getting 1-2 in jan and u know lv has a history of re-releasing LE items. good luck.
  4. i totally love the scarf... if i have the budget i wold totally buy it.
    u can use an item like that so many times.
  5. Thanks for your advice! I think I will wait for now. Maybe they will make it in a different color next year again...
  6. Did you get it from timeless_lv by any chance? They recently had one listed! But anyway back to topic. Personally if I had the cash I would most likely get it - it was hugely popular when it came out so it's expected to be much higher than the RRP. It's a great scarf!