Leopard shoes for men

  1. Hi everyone!

    Hi just saw these Carolina Herrera leopard loafers and immediatly fell in love with them!

    Some days later, I've been thinking about getting them, but I'm not sure if I'll even wear them more often then twice a year!

    I looked up online and saw that Jimmy Choo also has leopard drivers and loafers for men (2nd and 3rd images.),

    What do you think? Do you find it acceptable or proper for men wearing leopard shoes?

    Do you know more stores or designers selling this kind of shoes?

    fotografia (10).jpg 131sloanejpp_large_1_master_noisette.jpg 131moltonjpp_large_1_master_noisette.jpg
  2. My first thought was'no' but i love those first ones. so i say go for it, if you feel comfortable and confident in them then go for it!
  3. It would take a special guy to wear those in public :smile:

    If I had the choice it would be the middle pair tho. The top pair is too cute, kinda like rabbit slippers, and the bottom is an amalgamation of styles, first i think boat shoes, then I think tasseled loafers...
  4. IMO as a 24 year old guy I would never wear anything besides a simple cole haan pinch tassel loafer. In fact it's the only dress shoe I have. I wear it almost everyday with jeans and or dress. I cannot imagine a guy going to work in those. I think some men will and its cool but very edgy for me
  5. Well, Scott Disick can really make it work!!

    what do you think?


    Here he's wearing a discontinued pair of YSL leopard loafers.
  6. Well, I'm a woman but what helps me decide is I put them on in the store, and if I don't take them off for 10-15 minutes and strike up a conversation with the SA, then walk around the shoe department looking in every foot mirror and every full length mirror, and I still don't take them off, they may be a go. In this case I would also google images to see how other people are wearing them. There may be an image of someone out there that screams "NO" to you.

    If all those tests are passed, and a few weeks go by, and you are still thinking about them, go try them on again with a different outfit.
  7. I think they would be :supacool: :tup:

    Here are a few online mod shots with leopard slippers.....and CL sneakers in pony hair.


    Kobe Bryant


    Robin Thicke


    Msr Louboutin....he has the slippers too. He wore them at a shoe signing I attended in 2009. He had dark slacks on with them. Just incredible!!


    I know that Jeffreys(in ATL and NY) have men's CLs in stock.
  8. Ah ha! Here is a photo of Msr with his leopard Rollerboy spike loafers on:biggrin:

    And he makes MaNY styles.....



  9. love them!
  10. And a few other photos I found....



    The entire shot from the rose tattooed legs above:smile:


    Chris Brown



  11. I personally like it! I like the ones you are wearing the best, the spots are much bigger and spaced apart. Plus the colors are nice!
  12. They're my favorite ones too!

    Thank you all for replying, I knew CL also made leopard shoes, but those are a bit out of my budget! :smile:
  13. I love this look!
  14. Love, love, love....

    My hubby has a pair & they look great!!
  15. Love it! Do it. But make sure that you keep your clothes simple and let the shoes do all the talking ;)