Leopard shawl...yes!!! but which color ???

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  1. Hi there,

    for many month i'm thinking of the leopard shawl but i hesitate...which color ?
    I love the anthracite and brown.

    What is your favorite?

    your opinion will be appreciate.
  2. I'd go for the brown!!
  3. Another vote for brown!
  4. I think the brown goes with more
  5. I got the brown 2 weeks ago and I LOVE IT !!!! I think this is the best colour to have. :tup:
  6. I like the violette and brown the best, so I say brown :yes:
  7. I got the brown on Wednesday and am in love....Go for it..
  8. Brown :smile:
  9. I have the brown and its by far my favorite. My second choice would be the grey one.
  10. Anthracite for sure!
  11. brown - a true classic!
  12. I have the brown, violette and anthracite. They all go with different outfits so it's hard to say... perhaps the brown one goes with the most colors?
  13. l got my brown 2 weeks ago, l did not know the other colours were available....but l would still say brown:smile:
  14. violet!!!


    i think its the best colour they've done to date :tup:

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  15. i got the anthracite and love it. It is much more limited than the brown. But the brown will be my next one!!!!!!!!!!