Leopard Scarves

  1. Hi guys! I've been thinking about the brown monogram Leopard scarf by Sprouse for a while now, but Montreal's all sold out. So now I have a chance to buy the RED Carre Leopard scarf with NO MONOGRAM (worn by Kate Moss in recent LV ads) in Toronto which is in stock.........So my question is: do you guys like the red one or brown one better?!?!?!?
  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the red one. I totally think you should get it...timeless and very versatile. Go for it!
  3. I have the red one myself and absolutely love it! Go for it!
  4. I have the monogram one and it is lovely...but the red is wonderful as well. Go for it!
  5. oooooh! Krispin! you're so lucky! *jealous!!!* haha iono....cuz if I want the brown one, i'd have to reserve it and god knows how long that will take for the next shipment............so ya.....decisions, decisions!
  6. Love them both...go for the red of you can get it
  7. Hi have this one

    it's the cashmere one

  8. Love the red, altough they are both gorgeous.
  9. Is the cashmere one hard to find? and how much is it? I love it, you are so lucky!
  10. I was just at the LV Valley Fair, in Santa Clara, CA a few days ago, and they said they had three in the brown. The # is (408) 247-0020. Good luck!
  11. it was around $600 I don't know the exact price as it was a gift from my boyfriend. It sell for the double on ebay. I heard it's sold out, get it while you can!
  12. Oh no, i'm so jealous! i want the red one, but here in italy it's sold out all over...get it!!!!
  13. That scarf is lovely!
  14. I'm in Canada! lol I don't think they'd send it to me here.....
  15. You can always check! Good luck, but the yeah the red one is HOT!