Leopard Scarf Pics!! Is this a keeper??

  1. I got a leopard scarf today. It's very soft and easy to wear. I actually like the pink logo on it..... but still not sure if it's worth $590 or not......

    Your honest opinions are appreciated!!:confused1::confused1:

  2. I love it...so chic and elegant!
  3. I think it's a hot scarf! Not sure if it' worth it though...it is cashmere though! I'd probably put the money toward a bag though LOL
  4. Keep it if you change your mind later you can sell it on eBay for 2X the price WIN:WIN
  5. I think it's pretty!
  6. i love it -- it is a keeper to me!!
  7. It will make a great collector's piece. Congrats!!!
  8. for that price, I would rather have a bag.
  9. i like it but honestly don't think it's worth the price! rather get a bag!
  10. Hmm, if it had been $250, maybe. I like the way it looks but it's way too pricey. Same thing that deterred me from buying the heart (Amour) scarf that came out...that one was nearly $500.
  11. It's 70% Cashmere and 30% Silk.
    It REALLY is expensive for a scarf...but yet made me think, "hey speedy keychain is $250 a pop" I don't know, I'll keep it for a few days to think through....
  12. I think it's a lot for a scarf, but like you said, look what we pay for plastic?!
  13. SOO worth it! I want that scarf sooo bad. Ugh and they're selling on eBay for 1000$. How did u aquire it if i may ask. If from a boutique I'm soo ransacking 1866 to loacte me one. If u ever wanna part with it LMK.
  14. I called 866 number first, and they told me(a few days ago) they are still in some boutiques. So I went to my local store and asked them to get me one. I think mine came from Houston, TX.
  15. If you are going to use it then keep it, it looks great on you! Don't waste the money though if you are not going to wear it!