Leopard Scarf ??? Alexander McQueen vs Louis Vuitton

Leopard Scarf...Alexander McQueen or Louis Vuitton

  • Alexander McQueen

  • Louis Vuitton

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Apr 7, 2007
Many thanks for all the responses! I've decided to get the LV leopard and McQueen in both Black with white skull and White with black skull. I'm in SoCal and even in our winter months, I normally have no need to wear a scarf. I'm excited to get these basic must have scarves!!!
Oct 13, 2006
"when in doubt, get them all!" is my motto :graucho: Agree with others LV does the best leopard IMO, and MQ is known for skulls. I personally own about 5 different LV leopard scarf b/c they are so versatile, great for summer and winter. When I lived in mid TX I wear it loose, almost like infinity scarf with tank during summer months.