Leopard Saddle?!

  1. I was thinking of purchasing the leopard saddle. does anyone own it? can you take a pic of what it looks like when you wear it. Its so bold I'm not sure if it will work on me...:confused1:
  2. i've ordered one - i love it!!
    think it will look great with jeans & a tee in the summer but i love a bag to stand out.
  3. OMG they still make it? or u meant off eBay?? i soo want one as well

    its totally worth it ..get one if u can
  4. ^Yes, they were available at the outlet still
  5. i've got one - well will get it in a few days-cant wait!!!!
    been wantin one for agesssssssssssss!!!
  6. I ordered one from the outlet. well I hope I did. long story but here's the short of it....
    I ordered two vintage purses b/c of the 20% off thing and the next day I called (friday morning) very quickly just asked her to hold a leopard and I would call her that afternoon. So I call her back in the afternoon and ask about another bag and this is what she said to me "oh I don't have time to chat with you right now we're really busy"... I'm like in sock so I'm like okay okay... can you call me back? "oh I don't think I can we're really busy"...
    so I go fine... The point is... I didn't call to chat I asked about one bag and I was making a transaction to buy my leopard bag...how rude... I didn't want to chat w/ her I wanted her to do her job!.. was so annoyed... so I called back the evening before they closed and told another SA that I wanted to order the bag and she said that only the original SA could help me and I would have to call back today... and I told her to leave the other girl a note because I refuse to speak to someone who is so rude... I use to be an SA too and what happened to "we're busy but I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible"... gees... anyways hopefully she gets the note and charges my card and sends the bag... you would think selling someone 3 bags..yes they are on sale...but still you would be nicer...

    sorry for the rant... hopefully I have a leopard next week too to show to you guys...
  7. Just received my leopard saddle. It's so pretty. I debated about getting it initially. I am so glad I ordered it. It's a Dior glam-bag. :yahoo:
  8. If it makes you feel any better, but it prob won't, my SA at the Orlando outlet told me that last Friday was so busy that they actually had to lock the doors to prevent more customers from coming in!

    I hope that they still had the leopard saddle for you. I think it's been something that had been restocked before.
  9. :graucho:Well ladies (and maybe some gents).... I finally got my Leopard! picked it up from fedex today! was so excited... it came in it's own little white box (unlike all my other babies), and it was all wrapped up like no one has touched it since it was in Europe being inspected my quality control! :drool:
    It is so beautiful... I'm so glad I got it! I love it! I can pet it! ohmygod it makes me look diorlious! anyways I will post pics in a bit...
  10. Congrats can't wait to see pics.
  11. How much was the Leopard Saddle if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Got mine for almost $300 at Orlando Outlet.
  13. Would love to see pics also. I've been wanting a Dior saddle for a long time. Do you think they still have the leapard at the outlet??
  14. Hi All! Does anyone know if these are still at the outlet? I would love a leopard saddle -- so glam! Thanks!
  15. Best thing to do is to call them. Good Luck.:tup: