Leopard Rolandos are here - Pictures!

  1. Bless NAP for quick shipping :nuts:

    Okay, here are the pros and cons of this shoe.


    - Hot as all hell.
    - Believe it or not, if you get the correct size, your toes will not look and feel as if they're about to be stuck in a meat grinder
    - Walkable for the most part, but they're best for a day in the office when you know you're not going to be doing a ton of walking


    - My heel is slipping out of the back of them quite often :sad: I've tried them on twice now, on carpet, and when I walk, my heel slips out after a few steps. What heel pads can I use to prevent this? I'm looking for something that sticks to the back of the shoe, not on the sole. This shoe is cut very low, and that's why it's slipping off my heel. If I were to get a smaller size (40.5), my toes would be in the meat grinder :lol: So I'd rather see if I can do something about the heel

    Any advice? If I can find a good heel grip, I think I'm going to keep them. They're too :nuts: to pass up.

    Here are some pictures!





  2. They are beautiful! Lucky you.
  3. Cristina - That's a H:heart:T shoe! I can't believe they arrived already.

    I would try a pair of foot petals' heel grippers. They make them in the same shade as the leather on the CL heels. Congrats again!
  4. wow! so cute! and that was fast! i wish i knew what you could get to put in the back. i have two things that i got from BG when i bought my camparis but they're not the best.
  5. They look gorgeous! Lovely! There does look to be quite a big gap at the back though?
  6. Thanks, guys!

    I went to Foot Petals and saw the "Heavenly Heelz" in buttercup, which is the closest color to the inside of the shoe. I'm going to call my local Nordstrom to see if they carry them. It looks as if they're thick enough to do the trick, but won't push my toes further into the toe box.

    Yes, I got home last night after having to run out and buy cat food (how does that run out so quickly?! Roor kitties!) and I checked my e-mail. Lo and behold, there was the e-mail saying my order had shipped :nuts: Woohoo!

    ETA - Posh, it does look that way from the pictures, but in reality the gap isn't that large. The pictures of the pythons look similar. I have a narrow heel, but a wide toe area, so a few of my shoes look that way on me. I usually have to size up so my toes will fit properly in the shoe, and sacrifice them fitting properly in the back :rolleyes:
  7. Those are some BAAAD shoes!! In a good way of course.
  8. *Gasps* Oh my heavens! Those are sofa king hot!
  9. I LOVE this shoe, it is so sexy! Wear it well, I am sure that once you put in some heel grips, they will fit you perfectly!
  10. Cris those are hot!!!!

    I can see a wee gap in the back. . I hope you can find a solution, they're too sassy not to keep!
  11. These shoes look incredible!! You must find a way to keep them at any cost cause they just look super hot!
  12. HOT shoe and you look great in them. I'm sure the heel grips will help! I'm so jealous LOL
  13. LOVE them and they look so sexy from behind because the red sole POPS against the brown leopard. Purrrfect! :graucho:
  14. Those are such cool :supacool:shoes. Can't believe how funky they look with jeans....
  15. Though people rave about Foot Petals, they don't work for me. I use CVS brand heel grips and those do the trick. They match the inside of the shoe and they peel of very easily. P.S. All the CVS stores in my area are 24 hours so they're also easy to replace just in case you need them before heading out really early or late.