Leopard print

  1. got this beauty tonight. The Leopard line officially comes out friday. I knew other LV lovers could share in my joy!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. How did you swing that? They are being very strict with me.
  3. Hmm...
  4. I like it...beautiful!
  5. They won't let me take home the Mono Stephen until Friday. :sad:
  6. WOW
    and YAAY for you :yahoo: Congratsulations. I mean Congratulations lol. I love this purse. I can only dream, and I'm so happy for you that you have this. I love leopard prints - I don't wear this all the time, but have a few nice things that are leopard. And this is a beautiful purse.
  7. Ya know, I like it. Congrats on a BEE-U-TI-FUL bag!
  8. That bag looks really wonderful in person! CONGRATS! OMG It's a serious bag! I just can't handle the $4K+ pricetag! $2K is my limit! LOL

    I did get the new mini lin and that's not out until Friday (I know it's not the same comparison).
  9. Ooops I forgot the *Congratulations!!!!* whilst in the throes of my pity party .. *congrats*
  10. Thanks for the love. As for getting it early . . . just leave it to my hubby. The LV store called yesterday to say it was in and for me to come take a look. Unknown to me my husband got there before I did today and bought it. He pretty good at convincing anybodyto do what he wants. He said that at first they told him he couldnot buy it until Fri but then he somehow got them to sell it to him tonight.
  11. The stephen was also there and it was big and beautiful. I did not get to see the mini lin but your pic of your new mini lin is what got me to this wonderful site
  12. Congrats on getting yours soon tho too Taco! Friday is almost here!! Post pics! It's so awesome to see people with these bags!
  13. Ahhhh! Beautiful! *faint*
  14. Sorry you had to wait for yours, Taco. LOL I hate waiting!

    Beautiful bag, Candace.

  15. ^^^Candace,

    You wouldnt be from Houston by chance would you?? I was in the Galleria earlier today and there was guy in there buying one for his wife. We kept telling him how sweet is was of him to come and pick it up.

    It was the first time I saw it in person today. After looking at it I got on the waitlist for the monogram Stephen. I don't know if I'll like it in person but atleast I'm on the list in case. LOL