Leopard Print Trenchcoat

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  1. I bought a longer one last year even brighter! LOL I say go for it!
  2. soo cute! I love it!
  3. Would look really great with black!
  4. I've got a similar one (but more evening'y') which I've had a few years - I think depending on what you wear it with and where you wear it Leopard Print is never outdated but then I am a bit of a Scary Spice at heart!
  5. Every year...you hear that lepoard is in or out...and every year it shows up!!! I love it...and I think the trench is a classic!
  6. Leopard print never goes out of style... go for it!
  7. Leopard print comes back in fashion every Fall season. I say go for it!
  8. What everyone else said--I wanted a leopard-print coat twenty years ago and didn't get it because everyone said it was so trendy and was going out of style... guess what, it NEVER went out of style! Go for it, girl!!
  9. Thanks everyone! Animal prints are always in season even when people say its not haha....I like it a lot too, I just want to make sure that its versitile enough for me... I think it is? I was thinking what bag I could wear with it and I have my goldrush bulga bag that would look lovely...
  10. Totally go for it
  11. Love it! Woo hooo on sale too. :smile:
  12. ^ I know, sales are great :smile:
  13. It never goes out of style!
  14. i love it because you can rock a black or brown bag!

    super hot.