Leopard Print Rolando On Sale - Help!

  1. I found a pair on sale and I'm somewhat tempted :shame:

    Are these car-to-restaurant-and-back shoes? :p I did a search and read that the toebox is somewhat small. Will they stretch at all? The heel is about 4.7 inches. Does the platform provide any relief at all?

    Gah! They're super hot, and finding them on sale is :nuts: ! Thoughts, opinions?
  2. Honestly the Rolando's are not that comfortable at all and I wouldn't be able to last 5 blocks with them on. They are more walkable than, say, 5" Pigalle's (those I can probably last 1 block in), but I'd still consider them more or less shoes that you wear when you have to do minimal walking.
  3. I should add....if you're looking for a chic, timeless pair of leopard CL's that's great for work & play, get the Pigalle 100's in leopard pony hair. Best CL leopard shoe ever. The perfect heel height (4-inch/100mm), comfortable, sexy, timeless (more classic than platform shoes).....and if you get the version with black leather heel (heel part not covered in pony hair) it'll last longer than shoes where heel is covered by pony hair (for shoes with pony hair covered shoes, the pony hair on the heel is going to bald quickly with time -- especially if you wear them with long pants or jeans....inevitable due to rubbing of the pony hair against another fabric/surface......same logic with YSL leopard pony hair bags that bald with time).
  4. I love mine. I found Rolando style fit even better than my VPs.
    Here is a pix for you. Get it!!!
  5. The fit and wear of a shoe is a such a personal thing.I hear the rolando's are uncomfortable for most but I know a few people who love them, If you like them get it and then try walking around on them at your house. If it's unbearable inside on carpet send it back.
  6. 4LV, your Rolandos look amazing on you! Super hot :drool:

    Thank you for the input, ladies. I do have the option of returning them of course, if I don't think they will be comfortable. However, foxy, you have me rethinking any pony hair purchase after hearing that the pony hair heel will go bald with wear :push: I would hate for that to happen on an expensive pair of shoes!

    Argh. Decisions! Still thinking. Any more feedback? ;)
  7. Cristina, I agree with Foxy. First of all, the Rolando itself is not the most comfortable shoe. Your simples = heaven. Rolandos? Can = hell. As far as the leopard pony hair, I think it looks better on other styles, i.e. Pigalle, No. Prive, Sevillana.
  8. I am obviously in the minority here but I find rolandos extremely comfortable, I own several pairs and wear them to work almost daily. Initially, this shoe was hard to get used to because of the high heel and platform, but it only took me a few days to fall in love with them.
    I have worn the leopard rolandos many times, and so far my leopard is not balding. I should comment that I only wear them with skirts and tights so there is no friction being caused by pants/jeans.
    I say go for it, I think that you will like them. And I can't believe you found it on sale too, you can always return them if you don't like them.
  9. If you have the option to return them and the price is right I say go for it and see how they feel. As Kamilla noted, the are comfortable for her and they may be great for you as well.
  10. All right, I talked myself out of them. Mostly because the Manolos I ordered came today and they didn't fit, so now I'm in a shoe funk :yucky: Also, I'm really weary of the pony hair rubbing off! I almost always wear pants and jeans to work, and I wouldn't want the pony hair rubbing off.

    Thank you for the input, everyone :heart:
  11. That is too bad! I think that you would have liked them.
  12. Well, after my cobbler mishap I am so pissed that I'm contemplating ordering these again. What the hell, what else do I have to lose? :shame:
  13. I love the look of them but find them to be VERY painful. Mine never got any better so I only wear them for very short periods of time. Those of you that can wear them I am jealous as they are so HOT!
  14. where are they on sale?
  15. Yes--I'd love to know, too.

    Also, Christina--don't worry too much about the pony hair. I have a pair of ponyhair helmuts (leopard) and they have held up really, really well.