Leopard print pumps..what do you wear them with?

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  1. Girls, I have been eyeing some leopard print pumps. They are a dark brown background with black spots. Of course black and brown are the obvious choices to wear with these. But what else, if anything, do you wear yours with?:s I am looking at the Stuart Weitzman, because I do not think I want to invest a fortune in something that is more trendy. I need some ideas before I take the plunge. Thoughts from the experts please!!
    Thanks in advance!!:flowers:
  2. I wore mine with Jeans and a blk top and leggings work well too. I stuck to black so the shoe can pop more.
  3. I wonder if I bought the ones you're considering. Are they kitten heels and pointy-toed? I just couldn't resist them, although I've yet to wear them. I was thinking I'd wear them with jeans and a black top or black pants, a cream colored top and a brown suede jacket.
  4. I recently bought a pair of Bruno Frisoni leopard print pumps and generally I treat them like a neutral pair of shoes. I wear them with anything I would wear browns or blacks with. They are really versatile for me. I love them.
  5. LeeLee,
    I know the ones you are talking about. Cute! I was thinking of a pair of rounded toe with a higher heel. I just bought a black wrap dress, so if I got a pair I wanted a heel good for a dress. Actually I think they would look great with the dress. It's not a cocktail dress, just work, church, dinner. I have also eyed a pair of SW in a pewter with a rounded rouched toe and a little tie w/ a 2 1/2 heel. Decisions!
  6. Goodness! It sounds like both pairs would work with your new dress. If I had seen the pewter ones too I'd be in the same predicament as you....which ones to choose! One can't go wrong with SW, that's for sure.:yes:
  7. Pair them with a red dress and watch out! Very sexy combination. :boxing:

  8. Yeah, I am kinda thinking I may end up with both! I have silver and pewter flats, but no heels. Reason enough for me to justify that purchase. :wlae:
  9. Oh now that's a thought! Plus, I have red in my hair, watch out! I also have, just remembered, dark brown pants with the same color top and a dark peach cashmere cardigan. I think that may look good with them too. You guys are great, now I am on a roll.:yahoo:
  10. I think leopard print can go with anything neutral toned. I wear mine w/ these combos:

    1. red dress, tan trench coat
    2. black slacks/pencil skirt, white top
    3. all black outfit
    4. jeans, black or white top & something red

    Hope that helps a little.
  11. I have this stuart weitzman leopard print shoes and I love it with all black:heart: and my rouge kelly bag

  12. I think leopard print shoes look great with just about anything, they are suprisingly a neutral and versatile style.

    Leopard shoes look especially hot with red.
  13. -a black or red dress
    -black tights with a sexy red babydoll top
    -khaki coat with red top, like Christina:

    or this:


    or this:

  14. Definitely jeans or something red... hot combo!
  15. Good suggestions all. The shoes would be very versatile and I would consider them a staple to punch up an outfit.