Leopard print pumps--to buy or not to buy...

  1. those are cute. i would wear them with a denim skirt or jeans and a red top to give the outfit a pop of color.
  2. jeans and and a neutral top should work for sure.
  3. Jeans. I'm not a big fan of animal print though. It goes in and out of style too much.
  4. Stick to basics and neutral colors, nothing else bright or colorful. I have a pair like those and I've worn them with skinny black pants, a black dress shirt and a black satin clutch.

    I love leopard print shoes! So you should definetely get them! I have a pair of sedaraby style shoes in leopard and a pair of leopard print ballerina flats ( in addition to the peek toe pumps like the ones you posted). The flats go with jeans or dark dress pants (not blue though). The sedaraby's look great with a pencil skirt.
  5. Thanks everyone! I just went to buy them and they dont have my size anymore :crybaby: BUT I went ahead and ordered the black ones and got free shipping and $10 off! I'm going to call a few stores tomorrow to see if there are any leopard print shoes in my size... Wish me luck! Oh and by... here are the coupon codes I used just in case one of you were going to buy something from ninewest.com
    07VIP Free shipping no minimum purchase required
    NWWORK10 $10 off any purchase of $65+
  6. Too bad the site does not have the photo anymore. I love wearing animal print shoes because I very rarely wear printed clothes and usually stick to neutral colors. The "loud" shoes adds some kick to my outfit.
  7. their site is temporarily down right now but will check back...& thanks for the coupon codes!! thats a good deal!!
  8. Urg there are no stores locally that have the shoe so I just ordered the 9.5? I usually wear a 8.5-9 but at ninewest I'm always a 9 and I figured maybe I can make them smaller with some inserts? hehehe oh well at least the shipping was free! :smile:

    classbaby--No prob! I always search for coupon codes before buying something online... usually something comes up.
  9. I have these & Love them!!!!
  10. So happy to hear that! Can't wait to get mine!