Leopard Ponyhair Rolandos on Saks.com

  1. The leopard ponyhair Rolandos which sold out ages ago from Saks.com are back on the site, but there is only one pair available in a 40.5, someone grab them, these shoes are incredible:


    And there is a Saks promo code that butterfly recently posted for a 10% discount.

  2. They are also at netaporter.com in all sizes except for 39.5 IIRC. They are about $50+ or so more there than Saks.com.
  3. That is so interesting that they are different prices on nap and saks.com
    At least on saks.com you can get the 10% discount and free shipping.

    I have never ordered through nap because I was always scared of the customs fees and delivery time, but now that they have a warehouse in NYC, it makes it much easier to order from them.
  4. Actually, I was wrong. They are $740 on saks.com and $765 on nap.