Leopard Peanut Wedge

  1. Anybody know where I can find these:


    I ordered them from Neiman and then got a call saying they didn't expect them to come in anytime soon. I've been through that whole song and dance with Neiman before, so I just canceled them. Then I noticed a few weeks later, they were "in stock" on nm.com, but no longer in my size. (Curse you, NM!) So anybody seen these in person? Where can I get them...I love them and have to have them? lol!!!
  2. I recently saw these at BG and Saks in NYC. I don't think that they went on sale so try calling them. I am sure that sizes are limited because that shoe is so beautiful and very practical for people that don't wear heels.
    Good luck finding them, they are adorable.
  3. when i spoke to the CL Horatio boutique last week they said they would be getting these in, so you can try there also!
  4. Thanks girls!!!