Leopard - Opinions Please!

  1. What do you guys think about this bag?

  2. I have a thing for leopard. My wild side trying to come out? :nuts:

    I think that bag is cute. I think the style works well with the leopard print. :yes:

    Do you mind if I ask who makes it?
  3. I think J.Crew?

    I actually love leopard prints and I really like some elements of this bag, but not others. . .
    is it massive?
  4. I like it lots! I'm a nut for leopard print, and I love that there's not a lot of "junk" on the bag competing with the print. Nice!
  5. Nooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. Love leopard, zebra, ponyhair....Gucci and prada make some awesome ones as well as D & G, I do like your bag very much!!!
  7. That is a beautiful leopard print -- not sure if I like the design of the bag itself though...it takes away from the wildness of the print somehow, dumbs down the chic.
  8. It's J.Crew. Available now for $595.


    It's sorta growing on me... Need to see it in person!
  9. meow. lick lick.
  10. J Crew? $595? Has the world gone mad???????????
  11. Yeah, I think this bag is cute but the price is outrageous for a J Crew bag. You could pick up a Coach ocelot bag on eBay for a lot less than that.
  12. Cute bag. High price.
  13. I had a fuzzy leopard wallet when I was 16. If you can work its kewl.

    WHat's the fabric?
  14. LOVE IT!! Price is high for Calf leather.
  15. WTH??

    i can't beleive jcrew is $600...

    That's the price of an LV speedy30