leopard Majorelle

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  2. WOW - that's BEAUTIFUL. I'm usually not a "leopard" person, but for some reason I love it when YSL does it. I came really close to buying the Muse looking version snow leopard bag, somedays I wish I had....
  3. With the vaguely retro styling, it really has a "Mrs. Robinson" vibe in the leopard!
  4. ^ That's a great description!
  5. I'm not a fan of animal print in general, but I can see this bag totally pop with a neutral outfit.
  6. Oh wow! It's gorgeous!
  7. Not a fan of Leopard but I am digging this.
  8. Cosmo...this is the one I saw at Neiman last weekend...this was really stunning...The white/ivory one was as well.
  9. ^Its HOT Melissa Ann. You should get it. Somebody should get it! ;)
  10. Very retro! Very Mrs. Robinson! Not sure I feel about the white trim.
  11. This is gorgeous! Hmm...another one to add to the list...
    Things are going to get nuts after this stupid purse ban I'm on!
  12. I looks great, but considering their record with leopard in other bags, I'd bet it will come out for fall (if not before) with dark trim too?
  13. On the Majorelle, the white trim is a nonstarter for me.

    I actually just picked up this Jimmy Choo "oversized clutch" at 50% off. That's enough to satisfy my animal print instinct for now! :supacool:


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  14. ^^Love that clutch!!!