Leopard Loafers J crew vs Steve Madden

  1. I have purchased two pairs of leopard print loafers. They are both comfy. I would like to hear your honest opinion of the shoes. Which pair you think look prettier? :p

    J crew VS Steve Madden .


  2. I like the Steve Madden print/coloring and shape better, and I also think they're more flattering on your feet.
  3. I prefer the Steve Madden ones. The coloring is nicer and the spots look better from a distance.
  4. It's actually really close, but I like the JCrew ones just a pinch better.
  5. I much prefer the coloring and shape of the Steve Madden.
  6. Close call but Steve Madden
  7. Another vote for Steve maddens :smile:
  8. Steve Madden here too, for the same reasons, shape and colouring.
  9. The Steve Madden!
    I think they have better print color combo and they flatter your feet much better than the other ones.
  10. The Steve Madden ones! The cut is much more flattering on the foot and I prefer the spots more on that pair. I also have a Steve Madden pair and they're so comfy, and have worn well!
  11. I like the color and shape of the SMs as others have said. My only concern is that I never have any luck with comfort and SM. The JCrew pair are still very cute- and if they were more comfy, I would keep those over the SMs.
  12. Ladies, Thank you for all of replies! The price of J crew is triple of the SM. I think I am going to return the J crew and keep the SM then as the style is closer to ballerina. ;)
  13. I have had those exact SM loafers for a few months now, they're incredibly comfortable! There are bald spots in the calf hair though, which is expected.
  14. The shoes were purchased a few days ago during on sale. My feet are very picky but they are really comfy and the price is very reasonable.
  15. SM hands down! I like the darker leopard look compared to the lighter ones.