Leopard Dilemma

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  1. I recently purchased a coral leopard bayswater, I loved this bag when it was around last year and having seen it in Bicester twice and having walked away twice I always wished I hadn't so when I saw it a third time I nabbed it. However I also have the OL Alexa and am beginning to feel two leopard prints are a bit much given I want a black bag to replace the recently returned Black Ruby and I feel I should try and move one on. I love the OL OS leopard and haven't even used it but I look at it now and wonder if its too and if its a bit too edgy for me! the bayswater is to me smarter and probably more "me" but I am beginning to wonder if it looks a bit dated already. I am being very indecisive and in an ideal world maybe I would keep both and just buy the black bag I want but I need to consider funds.

    Any thoughts to help me decide which to keep?
  2. I have 2 leopard bags, ol reg alexa and pink peony reg leopard Alexa. I know it is a bit indulgent to go for similar print bags but I love them both and could not let either go. Like mine, yours are 2 very different colourways so I totally think you can make them both work well for you. I wore my ol alexa today and god it is good! Got complimented by 3 different sa's in various shops. It is such a beauty. Plus, I bought a caramel v neck long jumper today ( they are all the rage this season, lol) and the ol looked magnificent against the caramel colour. My pink leopard makes my knees go weak. I took it on honeymoon! I love it and it rocks even the plainest outfit. Animal prints are set to be the hottest accessory print this autumn/winter so I reckon keep both and enjoy having two wicked bags xx
  3. I have 3 leopard bags and they are all different, I love them in different ways! I wasn't really driven by this season's focus on leopard, but because I liked each bag individually.

    Putty leopard bays clutch is rainproof (this is England after all!), has neutral cool tones and TDF gunmetal hardware plus is a shoulder bag.

    Camel metallic leopard Bays is a warm neutral colour livened up by the gleam of the metallic spots, I'm Bays mad and this is a nice slouchy one.

    Red metallic leopard Bays just makes my heart sing, the colour is so vibrant it lifts a dull outfit (I wear a lot of black, grey, navy) and the red foil spots look like lipstick kisses to me.
  4. Just thought that Lola also has two leopard print bags, ol reg Alexa and putty smudge bays clutch. She rocks both! Do not worry that you are a feline lovin' oddity; there are many more of us out there, just waiting to pounce, lol xx
  5. Thanks to you all, I do like a bit of leopard print a friend often warns me not to wear too much at the same time as it may attract poachers!

    I think you hit the nail on the head IWANB ie that its indulgent, I think i would like to keep them both but I feel a bit guilty i guess! I think I just needed someone to tell me its ok to keep both!!
  6. see the other thing is that I failed to mention is that I also really want the putty smudge clutch which is on Ebay at the mo!!!
  7. Jay, to be fair, when it comes to designer handbags they are a total indulgence anyway! Whether they are the most or least useful colourways they are totally extravagant regardless. You only have to read some of Korzinka's posts to be reminded of this, lol.

    If you love your leopards then enjoy them. Choose the bag that makes your heart happy, for the high price you might as well have the one that you love, love, love. Xmas is coming soon so maybe you won't be waiting too long for the smudge kitty! Xx
  8. The putty leopard clutch is gorgeous! mine also came from *bay. As I said it's rainproof and the neutral tones go with almost anything, the gunmetal hardware is quite rare. Lovely suede lining and you can use with or without the strap (take it off, or just tuck it in) it's a decent size too, I can get all my everyday bits & pieces in it.
  9. I think you may a bag feeder tp!! thanks though:biggrin:
  10. There has never been a better time to acquire as many big cats as you can jaydee. A Primark Camel sweater and an OL Alexa or a LBD from New Look and a Coral/Putty Leopard Clutch is the way to go IMO.
    Simple High St clothes given total va va voom by a feline menagerie of leather!!
  11. Jealous of all the Oak leopard.... it still eludes me :girlsigh:
  12. Corries, my sweater bought today was indeed from primark, £7 and camel/caramel. You honestly can't fault it xx
  13. I love it here IWANB because there is nowhere else where a £7 sweater and a £700 bag make perfect sense!
  14. its funny I too purchased a camel sweater today!
  15. I have both an OL Alexa and a putty clutch too- and I do know it's a bit extravagant but I "need" them both!! ( I must check out the Primark camel next day I'm in town:P)

    And we are not a bunch of crazy bag ladies here- we know it's normal to have handbags for every day of the week and all occasions:nuts: