Leopard Cashmere stephen Sprouse Long Scarf In Black & Pink!

  1. I took a pic of my new Leopard Cashmere Black scarf. This is the long one. I think it was about $600, I don't know the exact price because it was a surprise from my Boyfriend. While I was trying a pair of jeans at Gap he bought this
    for me :love: he is so cute!

  2. That's hot!
  3. Pretty, pretty darn nice boyfriend too!
  4. Hot Hot Hot!!! I Love It!! Congrats!
  5. love it congrats...hot!!
  6. gorgeous Miroir..is that Mizi vienna there:nuts: :love: ??..lucky gal!!!Congrats!!
  7. I wanted the red and back at first but IRL I prefer this color. Thanks guys!

    It's also very soft.
  8. Nice scarf! Congrats!
  9. congras amazing scarf
  10. i want your mizi!!!! what a sweet bf you have :heart:.

    for some reason i would've never thought that it was leopard print. i had to scroll up to see what the scarf was when i saw the pics
  11. How nice of him. Congrats! : )
  12. How nice!! Congratulations!!
  13. MirroirPrincess, you have such a sweet boyfriend! Tell me, where can I find one like him? Congrats, it is beautiful!
  14. Yes it's my Mizi Vienna :yes:

  15. I agree :lol:

    When my mother saw the scarf she made fun of me saying that I can now go to Saudi Arabia now that I have the shawl ! :lol:

    I was not laughing at first.
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