Leopard Cashmere Scarf

  1. Does anyone know retail? Thanks :flowers:

  2. Love!!!!!:love:
  3. I don't know but eBay has it for over $1000
  4. yeah that is crazy.. I got the picture from that auction someone bid $900!! It can't retail for that much!
  5. it's about $600 I got mine 2 days ago
  6. Miroir..lucky you..it's gorgeous!!!
  7. Miroir: thanks! would you mind posting a picture? thanks :smile:
  8. ok I will in a minute but my flash appear not to be working
  9. does it come in other colors or just red? $600 would be OK for that in the LV world.
  10. OK pics are done I will start a new topic this way everybody can see it
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