Leopard cashmere scarf

  1. Did anyone manage to get this leopard print scarf with the pink Louis vuitton writing on? I waited since last summer . Are these still being sold anywhere?? They are being sold on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money.:tdown:
  2. There was one on Eluxury about a month ago. I would keep checking there as sometimes they pop up, but it is rare. Also try let-trade's website as they get rare items as well. Good luck!
  3. THese have been sold out for awhile. They arent even on the LV website anymore :sad:
  4. I'd check with let-trade and eBay.....you never know. One might pop up at a good price!
  5. yeah those are the websites...BUT ******************..:tup:
  6. how much was the retail for the stephen sprouse leopard thin cashmere scarf/shawls?
  7. i believe it was something like 590...or around that
  8. I got one in december last year. The store in Antwerpen just received one that week so I was lucky. It was 420 euro.
  9. I just bought it off eLUXURY last Thursday and it arrived Saturday the 9th.

    I have been praying that it would come back online at eLUX and if FINALLY did early Thursday AM. I thought I was dreaming -- I put it in my cart and bought it as fast as I could.

    And sure enough it went back to "out of stock" status as soon as I'd checked out.

    I must check the site a hundred times a day -- and it FINALLY paid off!!

    It IS stunning.

    They've had it available several times this week. I could have bought it again 3x.

    So I suggest you just keep being diligent about checking eLUX. Don't pay the robber baron prices on eBay...NOT worth it. Persevere on eLUXURY instead. Patience DOES pay off!

    Good luck!!

    Here is the link:

  10. they are 650 each, i found two from SPC via 1800 :yes:
  11. ooh I am dying for one too!
    I just noticed them on ebay..but whoa on the price
    I live in Canada. Does anyone know a site like elux that I can check?
  12. There was one on display at the LV in Orlando Millenia Mall, I was there this past Sunday. I almost fainted when I saw it because they were supposed to be long gone. I have been thinking about it since then and I am so tempted to call and see if it's still there. Somebody get it, so I don't!
  13. As the (very proud) new owner of the Reykjavik scarf, I say jump on this as soon as one is available. The scarves are exquisite! Good luck!
  14. try the 1866 number too. i got mine around december before the price increased. good luck!
  15. Ceasar's in Las Vegas had one on Tuesday, Feb 19th. Give 'em a try, they still might have it !!!! Good luck!!!