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  1. HI!! I'm new to this forum.

    Has anyone seen a nice leopard print bag? The only ones I've seen around are over $1000, and I really don't want to spend that much. Although I LOVE a prada one I saw in an ad. TIA!
  2. I haven't seen one, but I know that Dolce and Gabbana makes great leopard bags. Maybe you could also get some leopard shoes;)
  3. B Fendi bag comes in leopard print..but it'll cost you $2550..:P
  4. I have been looking around for a leopard bag for a couple of years and haven't been able to find one I like in the price I like.
  5. I dont wear leopard but that Maxx New York bag looks soo cute!
  6. D & G has an assorted selection of leopard bags around 1K or less right now.
  7. Is leopard going to be trendy every fall/winter? Because I've always liked those wild animal patterns but I always feel the following year it will be consider a "do not wear" bag....then again for the past several years it keeps coming back... someone please explain this to me :smile: thnx!
  8. IMO though, i hope these leopard prints dont stay... they remind me too much of my mom inlaw :biggrin: teehee
  9. does cavalli made any leopard bag? it seems to be his expertise :P
  10. :lol: isn't leopard prints a staple in cavalli's collection? or am i wrong? :upsidedown:

  11. I don't think animal prints will ever go out of style, Moschino has a great leopard bag, Fendi and Prada also, Gucci has animal prints and fur ones out and Desmo came up last year with a really attractive leopard large bag.
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