leopard adele

  1. Does everyone love or hate this bag. I heard there are problems with the fur rubbing off.
  2. I LOVE this bag and all the others from the line, he steamer and polly being my favorites. Yeah apparently the pony hair can fall out and leave a bald spot, it says that in the care booklet.
  3. I love the Adele.. I bought one for my mother and with use some bald spots appeared! Good thing I didnt buy the steamer for myself as I had planned
  4. Gosh, I would die if I spent so much for an LV that became BALD and could NOT be repaired.....
  5. I love this bag too, but I agree with Travelbliss...I would be very angry if this happened, IMO its not worth the money nor worth LV making something that isnt very usable
  6. Someone on here just bought an adele and the hair was coming off. I think she was taking it into LV to see if there's anything they can do.
  7. I can't find a pix of authentic leopard adele close enough to see if it has a key hole in front. Some pix of the bag have them...some don't. Does the real one have it w/key?
  8. I purchased an adelle off of eBay for $3700. bag had to bald spots so I returned to seller. I would have loved to keep this bag and its gorgeous and I love the shape, but the balding I can't deal with.
  9. I have to say I would throw a fit at LV! They would refund my money... That is not fair to spend that kind of money on a bag and have issues.