Leopard Adele?? Anyone like it??

  1. What do you think??

    Will it stay in style??
    Is it too busy or worth buying??:s
  2. I like it. Madonna is using it, pics at the celeb section.
  3. Loooove it!
  4. Too much $$$ for a bag that is going to be out of style in five minutes. JMHO. BUT, if you think you can use it for years to come, go for it!
  5. i just think the leopard part won't say "in" for long...

    but if animal skins are your passion for the bag then who cares if it stays in style, go for it :smile:
  6. I like it.
  7. i love it.. leopard always come and go.. so even if its for this season i dont think it will be OUT. The reason is because the leopard is mixed with LV mono which is a classic :smile:
  8. not much crazy with leopards
  9. Not a big fan of anything leopard print but I do think the adele is cute...go for it if u like leopard prints! It's limited so it's while stocks last...
  10. The only style of the monogram leopard bags I like is the Polly and that's probably because there's a little less going on as in not everything is all clumped together, acrylic, watersnake, leopard, and monogram...
  11. Love leopard anything, but not crazy about this bag, know a lot of my friends in fashion are though, and would die for it,,,, can't get the boobs outta my head... mighta ruined it for me...lol.... all I can think about is how less of a body I have than them...hahahaah... would never carry the bag...
  12. Yes, Mr. Posh, too much going on with it for me, and the scary boobs too! heheehe
  13. First impression: Something's wrong. Too busy. Leopard does not go with mono canvas. Opposite of Wow factor. Defintely not a timeless piece.

    Yes, I can see exotic and eccentric people like MaDonna would carry it, perhaps for a short time. Will she be carrying next yeat? Doubt it.

    I prefer Hermes or LV Oskar Waltz.
  14. I'm not a fan. I think it's too expensive for a bag that will go out of style.
  15. Well, not too many like it, but I think it's an awesome bag. I happen to love the gold trim & have always liked leopard. I returned my leopard Stephen to get this bag, & it should be here by the end of the week. If I don't absolutely love it, I'll exchange it for a Manhattan GM. That's been on my wish list for a long time. Have you been able to find the Adele? They seem to be difficult to find.