Leonor or Theda..what is the right name?

  1. Sometimes i see in the auctions "beautiful Leonor multicolor..." or "Theda monogram in mint condition"....and the bag are the same!
    Is Theda the name for the mono and Leonor for the MC or vice versa?
  2. Both the Theda and Leonor comes in Monogram and Multicolor...
    The Theda is the handheld, and the Leonor is the Shoulderbag
  3. Theda's are eyegasmic... I want to see one IRL.
  4. Leonor:


    both are available in classic Mono and MC. there are also a number of Theda variants in suede, canvas and silk. sellers just put "Theda" in the auction titles because it's the more sought-after model. i personally prefer the Leonor in mono canvas. i never liked the Thedas.
  5. Oh thank you! The bags are quite similar:upsidedown: (the buckle etc..)
    BTW, i love both:love:
  6. They are both discontinued, isn't it?