Leonello Borghi Owners - anyone

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  1. What do you think about LB bags? the design, quality, and practicality?
    How many LB bags do you have?
  2. I have the Luna in black and love it, love it, love it! The quality is superb! The Luna is very functional, with a pocket in the front as well as the back and pockets inside the bag. I would put it up there with the likes of Chloe. I only have one LB currently but I would definitely get others.
  3. I just rec'd my medium Luna in Bubble silver and I love it. definitely well made. Here are a few pics.
  4. Congrats...what leather is that? where did u purchase it btw?
  5. thanks. Its the bubble leather. I bought it from forwardforward.com. I believe they are sold out now. :sad:
  6. Hi Jem,
    I'm a new member, and haven't posted yet, but I love that bag!
    I was looking at the black one on Revolve before it was OOS.
    Anyway, in my travels in trying to find it, I came across a photo that seemed to show that all the straps and things are not just cosmetic details, but that they are actually functional and they need to be used to open/close the bag. I wonder if I might be too lazy to do this all the time. Do you find it a hassle at all?
  7. ^ Lpritchett, I bought the black Luna bag but now I have to say goodbye to it. When I wore it, it wasn't a hassle because I wouldn't strap in the middle strap (the horizontal one). It felt a little safer when I was shopping though since I felt like someone couldn't just steal something from my purse. Hope that's helpful!