LEONA LEWIS - Amazing singer, what do you think ??

  1. In 2006, Lewis auditioned for the third series of The X Factor In the UK, singing "Over the Rainbow". She made it through to the final stages and was announced the winner on 16 December 2006, winning a £1 million recording contract. She was mentored by Simon Cowell.

    In December 2006 it was announced by The X Factor judge Simon Cowell that Davis had agreed to join in on making the latest X Factor winner Leona Lewis a star. In February 2007, Davis signed Lewis up for a $9.7 million five-album record deal. He is executive producer of her debut album, Spirit. She will be the first X Factor Winner to be released Worldwide.

    Here is her new song "Bleeding Love" http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=sF84pIhP5UM


    I think she is an amazing singer, love her ! :heart:
  2. Love her. Saw her on the Xfactor tour earlier this year.. she was really good! & I love her new song.
  3. Boo Saz LOL :roflmfao::p, You have good taste !...like me ;)
  4. i love this song!! wasnt keen at first, but it's a grower for sure! and she looks so stunning in the video!
  5. I really like her and I think she has a beautiful voice. However, her new song was reported in every magazine to be this 'amazing thing' and break loads of records, but when I heard it for the first time yesterday I didn't think it was that special, not when she spent the past year making it.
  6. Her voice is one of a kind. I love every bit of it!
  7. I love her,

    I have only heard the song once so far, but everybody says its a big grower, so judgement on that particular song will have to come later, but on the X factor, she was on a different scale to everybody else entirely.
  8. when i hear her version of somewhere over the rainbow it really makes me cry! the song reminds me of my amazing nan who unfortunately died lazt xmas, just as leona won the show and the song just feels so special, and she sings is soooo good!
  9. I love this song..she has the most amazing voice!
  10. great song, great voice
  11. Pretty average really, she's like the new Mariah Carey (Who's music I hate with a passion)

    Yes very generic.
    Typical subject choice, typical beats, typical vocal uses (I mean come on, does she need to remind us of how high she can wail in every song she performs)

    She didn't even write the song herself and that just puts me off completely, because music is supposed to be an artistic expression of one's thoughts and feelings... when the singer does not write his or her own songs then you're not hearing his or her own feelings, which in turn pretty much ruins the point of the music completely.
    It's not at all original and the general song is very repetitive

    So no thanks.... I think I'll stick with people like Ayumi Hamasaki and Amy Lee (Evanescence)
  12. I disagree, I agree that up to a point her and Mariah have similar music styles. But not many artists write there own songs these days. And Mariah likes showing her breasts off these days more than she does her voice. Most of the songs on Leona's Album were co wrote with her and some even by herself. I think shes doing pretty well.

    I like Amy Lee is a great singer but Ayumi Hamasaki's songs sound like something that would get played at a hello kitty convention and nothing special.
  13. I really like her :smile:
  14. Played at a hello kitty convention?

    This would be played at a hello kitty convention:


    or even this:


    Or maybe this:


    Man... I wanna go to one of those conventions then :rolleyes:

    Oh wow... Leona co-wrote some of the songs on the album

    Ayumi has written every song she has every performed and composed a lot of them as well, each one unique and well-written.

    And no, not many singers (pop, Rnb, Hip Hop) write their own songs.... whichi is disgusting to be honest, I very rarely listen to artists who don't write their own songs, the main exception for me being Celtic Woman, who perform old traditional songs with new twists.

    Leona sounds like, looks like and performs like every other female RnB star, there's not a lot unique there. She's got to compete with Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Rihanna etc etc

    When I listen to something I want to listen to something unique, not a replica of something done before.

    Sorry but that's my opinion, I'd appreciate if you'd watch any of the above videos and then share your opinion of Ayumi. Please and thank you.
  15. LOL, The only song I like of Ayumi's is Heaven, I actually have this on my Ipod. But her Image is sooooo weird, has she has plastic surgery, she looks like shes trying to look like Celine Dion IMO.

    I admit she is very good live , as I have seen from these videos. But the last video is like she is trying to be Madonna from her Frozen era. I think Ayumi copycats other singers looks.

    I still think she sounds like something from a hello kitty convention, especially in the song hope and pain but then again thats just my music choice.

    She seems quite big in Japan and lot of other parts of the world but IMO her music isnt very up to date, The lyrics are good but the beats arnt something I would buy. But then again thats just me. She has many fans and seems like a nice girl. Thanks for showing me those Videos though, I had not seen some of them before. :smile: