Leon Mege Website question

  1. This is a silly question but I dont understand his website!!! Are there different pictures available or just what's shown on his website?

    What are the differences between R986, R909, and R907?

    I really want a Leon setting but I need to give my SO all the info possible but I'm too confused. Does he provide the width of the rings (i.e.2mm...).

    Its not a very helpful website from what I can tell but its very possible I've confused myself :shrugs:
  2. Leon Mege does mostly custom work so what's shown is really more a sample of what he's done for clients, not really a catalogue.
  3. All of those are just samples, not style numbers. All of his work is custom, from what I understand. So if you can work with him on all the details of the exact ring you want.
  4. :yes: they're both right.
    The photos you see are pieces he's done for clients.
    He's completely custom.
  5. There are a few pieces that are for sale. You will see them when you go to his site. Some have prices, some not. The majority are examples of his custom work. I've wondered where the sale pieces come from. A custom piece that someone returned? Swanky, one of us should inquire and find out what the deal is;) There may be a bargain for some lucky girl:angel:
  6. His online quote page will give you a jumping off point if you already have your center stone and see a style that is similar to something that you like. (you email him off all your specs on your diamond and what type of style you are thinking of, he gets back to you with an initial rough quote). But like the other posters said, it is all completely custom - your ring ends up being unique to you and your stone(s). From the 3 styles you listed, they all have a platinum shank and his signature double-claw prongs -- the 1st and 3rd are both settings for cushions, but the first is 7+ carats (!!!) and the other is 2 cts - I'm sure there are subtle differences in all the ring parts from shanks to prongs that reflect the difference in size that I can't get from the picture. The other style is for a round brilliant, so again I assume there are differences to account for the shape diff. between RBs and cushions . . . they're just all beautiful!!!

    I don't think that he likes to give quotes unless you already have your center stone (though he does source sidestones etc.) since the design is so custom to the stone, KWIM? Very prompt with email and he gives lots of info. :tup: - have fun designing your ring!
  7. Thanks so much Macbagger- that was very helpful! We don't have teh center stone yet so I'll have to wait until we do before we get a quote from him.

    I appreciate your response!