Leon Mege -- this is who he gives discounts to!

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  1. LOL I guess he wants to make friends with people who are in the NFL...

    Found this posted on his website.

    I love him!!!

  2. oooh, maybe I need to get my BFF to order my setting!?
    Not fair!!!

    DO like the military discount though :biggrin:
  3. ^^
    I can definately help you out here!:graucho:
  4. I love you T!:love:
  5. Um, OK. I love the military discount. . . and the discount for *support staff.*

    . . . but why, exactly, do guys who make millions already (for playing a game, I might add) get a hefty discount, when guys like my husband, who work 80+ hour weeks every week and spend three weeks out of four on the road, away from their wife and small children, don't get squat?

    Things like this make me mad. I know it makes sense from a marketing perspective-- people in the press wear the jewelry, the masses see it and want it. . . but it always irritates me when it's the celebrities/gazillionaires who get the freebies and the discounts on things they can afford. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with being a gazillionaire. Or wanting a discount. Or both. (The wealthiest people I know have stayed that way because they are careful with their money and look for bargains.)

    But it does strike the wrong chord in this economy, IMO. There are a lot of really hardworking people who want to get married or recommit, would LOVE to do it with a Leon Mege ring, but are concerned about the expense with the markets the way they are, and could use this kind of a discount more than the NFL. Might encourage more upper-middle-class to lower-upper-class average Joes to open their wallets in this somewhat dire time.

    Sigh. Sorry for the rant. I am in a foul temper this morning. Kids didn't sleep. DH is on day nine of a 12-day trip in an industry that was once flush and is now very shaky and scary in these times. Tired, tired, tired and a little too worried.
  6. ^^^^^
    Maybe he wants free football tickets? Interesting that he didn't include MLB or any other major league sports. I mean, it's his business, he can do whatever he wants. I just found it a little odd/funny that this was posted so openly on his website. I am certain A LOT of professionals in many industries give special discounts like this, but it's just generally not so public.

    Leon Mege can do whatever he wants, like I said. I don't think less of him and I'd be thrilled if he made a setting for me.

    ETA: And I agree, it does strike an odd chord.
  7. Oh, yes, he totally can do whatever he wants, and yes, you're right. . . it's usually not so public. Common practice, though, to discount to celebrities/sports stars/socialities/people in the public eye. It's smart/good business. (And who wouldn't love a Leon Mege ring?! I know I would! Perfectly my taste!)

    The special celebrity treatment just leaves a bad taste in my mouth sometimes. I could seriously use some cheering up in the form of sparklies at the moment, lol, but the wallet is closed for business with the economy as it is, DH in a shaky business, and two small children. I am not so much a resenter of other peoples' stuff (I love looking at other peoples' things, actually, and am glad they have it, so I can ogle it, lol), I am just kind of over the freebies/celebrity discounts, I guess.

    And again, sorry for the grumpy semi-hijack. I am having a bad start to the day and this just struck the wrong chord, I guess. ::embarrassed:: :Push:
  8. ^^^^
    No no, I totally hear where you're coming from! I posted it because it strike a funny chord with me, too.
  9. yeah, he's definitely football specific! I think he's hoping for a trade. . . which is fair enough I guess. You give him free tix, he discounts your order.

    My DH is traveling every Sunday night thru Friday evening right now, so we see him on average 1.5 days/week - it's brutal!
  10. ^^^^
    Yeah. My dad has definitely traded his professional services for other things. It happens a lot. I crack up thinking of Mr. Mege being a raging football fan... lol
  11. I know, right!? LOL! Cute.

    Oh just noticed discount is over. Maybe he only does this for a couple of weeks before playoffs each year.
  12. Rough with little kids, isn't it? I always expected my DH would travel (my Dad still travels extensively for work, so that's what I *know*), and he always has, but never THIS much. (Lately 10-12 days gone, a handful of days-- 2-4-- at home but still working, and then 10-12 more away.) This summer he's probably going to be gone 2-3 weeks at a time. With a 5yo and a 2yo at home that gets old quickly!

    All hail to us moms at home with kids while husbands travel. It's quite a job!

    (And, oh yes, back to topic!) :P
  13. "NFL team support staff with access to free game passes - 10% OFF"

    So, he wants free game passes...What if I am support staff with no game passes? I get nothing? This is so sad. ITA.. NFL players make enough to pay full price!
  14. support staff gets game passes:yes: Or can get them.
    Just sayin'