Léo et Violette - Le Violette 2.0


Jun 18, 2020
Just got an email today that Léo et Violette is finally re-launching Le Violette (for more than a year I think it's been only Le Petit Violette, and recently Le Mini Violette): https://www.leoetviolette.com/products/le-violette/bordeaux

I never got around to see the original Violette online, since I only found out about this brand recently. What do you think? For those of you that have the original Violette, what do you think the differences are?

I must admit, when I discovered this brand a few months ago I fell absolutely in love with Le Violette and was waiting desperately for the full-size version to be available again. But now I'm not feeling very excited about it. Nothing in particular that I find wrong with the bag -- this year I have simply started learning that just because I think something is beautiful, it doesn't mean that I need to buy it or that it would be practical for my life and match my style. I think Le Violette is a lovely bag, but I feel like it would probably be a little uncomfortable for me.