Lentil recipes

  1. I got some lentils from Whole Foods yesterday. Anyone have any good recipes for lentils?

  2. I think the only thing you can do with lentils is make dal.

    The good news is, there are 60 squillion different dals, and they are all delicious!

    The easiest is, cut up an onion, throw in some spices, cumin, coriander, some garam masala is good, lots of garlic and ginger, fresh ginger is best, peel it and chop it up a little bit, a can of Ro-Tel, or you can use salsa, whichever chiles you like, either jalapenos, or the tiny Thai/South Asian ones, or habaneros - hell, collect 'em all!

    Throw it all into a pot with water to cover, and let it cook for half an hour, 45 minutes or so, until it, well, becomes dal!

    In the meantime, make some rice, or just heat up some Pillsbury frozen naan on the comal, or pita, or tortillas, or whatever, I like to put a lump of butter in mine when it's done, and stir it around, and serve it with chopped cilantro on top, but the great thing about dal is that it is very flexible. You could put spinach in it, or carrots, or cashew nuts, or sprinkle it with little cubes of paneer on top of the cilantro, and more salsa, or you could serve it over cous cous or grits instead of rice, put it on biscuits, or do all those things, if you make a whole bunch, plus you can freeze it in baggies.

    You will be so glad you bought those lentils!
  3. I put black lentils in my biryani (south african style) or I make german linsen soup (it's just wonderful and works great in the pressure cooker)

    Linsen soup: Lentil Soup - Linsen Suppe Recipe | Recipezaar

    (I'm vegetarian so I would leave out the meat, used to add soya hot dogs)
    My family generally make it with hot dogs or smoked meat, it's a regular meal in our household since my mom is half german.

    With the yellow lentils I usually make soup as well, it's very popular in the middle east with vermicilli pasta in it, just wonderful stuff and cooks really quick in the pressure cooker.
    Sautee onion in oil until browned, add some salt (if stock is salty them don't), curry powder, cumin then add the washed and strained lentils, cover with boiling water (or stock) and cook in pressure cooker until it's done, last minute open and whisk for a few seconds to cream it then add a handful of vermicilli (angel hair pasta) and stir, let them absorb and they'll be al dante quickly.

    Sometimes I make curry with daal or other lentils as well, I'm sure you can find a good recipe if you do a quick search.
  4. Thank you for the recipes! I will definitely try it out....I can't wait to try out lentils, they are so healthy and good for you.
  5. rice and dal. my only sustinence through years of boarding school in the hill stations of northern india...for a while, i could not STAND the sight of any more R&D but now i make it again w/ love and dollops of garlic and ginger:yes: