1. So what are you giving up for lent this year?

    I was thinking of giving up TPF. :crybaby: 40 days without you guys. I don't think I can do it :s
  2. that would truly be a great thing to sacrifice. i think i'm just going to give up soda & chocolates.
  3. Thanks for starting this thread!

    I am giving up pizza, mainly. I eat so much of it, it's crazy. I'm gonna try to give up fast food too... I mean if I do go to McD's, I will probably just get a salad. :sad:
  4. I know. But that's the point it has to be a sacrifice. I was thinking of giving up going to Disneyland, I just can't do it.
  5. That's great. :yahoo:
  6. Are you serious!???? OMG! If you do that, I applaud you! I can not go for more than 2 without the checking the forum! I think I might give up eating junk food!
  7. I'm going to give up Fast Food. Meaning McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Popeyes, etc, etc. Basically anything with a drive thru.
  8. Junk food. But it's really because I want to get in shape. :s
  9. No Soda for me, which believe me, is definitely a sacrifice...

    SUPERSTAR...i completely applaud you :wlae:if you sacrifice tpf...i just started a month ago, and its the first thing i do when i turn on my computer...
  10. I just couldn't give you guys up.
  11. Well because I am super sick this year, I am expemt from giving up food or anything like that (no fasting or staying away from meat on Fridays).

    I am thinking of limiting my activity online...I spend way too much time online. And by limit I do not mean abandon tPF (thats impossible for me to do) so we'll see.
  12. My lenten sacrifice is diet coke. Day one and I am already lamenting my choice!
  13. nothing... Is it only for Catholic people?? Christian? My parents raised me Catholic... but I'm not anymore:yes:
  14. I decided not to give up fast food... I would be too tempted since my mom said that there would be A LOT of temptations since my sis is coming down for two weeks and would probably break that sacrifice... :sad:

    Oh, how I'm DYING for a pepperoni pizza with mushrooms!!! :crybaby:
  15. I intended on giving up indian and chinese food (which i love!!!!!!) because it would be a major sacrifice for me!

    I've been good so far, but I don't think I'll make it past the weekend, I might have to think of another and just start late lol!