Lenscrafters Ad - Mary Janes ??

  1. There was a Lenscrafters ad I saw recently in a couple of different magazines and it featured a pair of Mary Jane shoes. The Mary Janes were black patent and had a cute criss-cross strap detail (or maybe it was a cutout pattern?).

    Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I can't find the photo online, or I would post it....

    Anyway, I want those shoes! Please let me know if you know what they are and where to get them! :tup:
  2. Wish I could see the picture. They almost sound like Miu Miu with the straps crossed over. Lindsay Lohan wore hers like that.
  3. Sorry...I forgot I posted this & so I'm late following up.

    Nope - neither of those. I should have mentioned they are *flats* ... :p

    I'm not sure I'm doing a good job describing them; I'll have to find the ad again and maybe scan it.
  4. Hmmm ... I was guessing the miu miu mary janes, too, until you wrote they were flats.

    It's a mystery to me.
  5. Ah, flats. You have throw a monkey wrench into our equation. I have no clue now. :lol:
  6. There is more than one Lenscrafters ad.

    One ad features the Chloe Mary Jane flats, and the other ad features the Miu Miu black patent Mary Jane pumps.

    The Chloe shoe was S/S 07. Miu Miu is still selling the Mary Jane pump for fall. I've seen the Miu Miu's in-store at Saks, Bergdorf and Barney's. Netaporter.com is also selling the shoe: Miu Miu Patent leather Mary Janes - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  7. They were by Chloe. They went on sale at Barney's a couple of months ago.
  8. i have a picture of the flats if anyone still wants or needs it! i am looking for them as well lol
  9. [​IMG]

    Here's the same shoe in higher heel.
  10. ^^^those are the shoes I kept on seeing on today's ads to when I was watching OSU football! lol

    I saw it 3 times and each time I was like "look it's a CL box, and the red sole!" hehe
  11. You are quick to notice the CL box. I only recognized the red sole when I saw the commercial.
  12. I want to know who makes those shoes too! "Luvgettingmine" has a picture oif the shoes on her default. I want those shoes so bad too! Who makes them?