Leno To Pay Laid-Off Staff

  1. After criticism from some non-writing workers, the ''Tonight Show'' host plans to compensate them out of pocket

    Lynette Rice

    For at least the next week, Jay Leno will pay out of pocket the salaries of about 80 Tonight Show workers who were laid off Friday, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Previous to his decision, Leno had been criticized by many employees for failing to commit solid financial support to the non-writing staffers affected by the writers' strike (last week David Letterman and Conan O'Brien preemptively pledged to pay affected staffers out of their own pockets through the end of the year).
    At Friday's Tonight Show staff meeting, workers were told they were not only out of a job but that there were no guarantees they would be rehired once the show resumes production. Shocked staffers told the Hollywood Reporter that Leno had promised them in an earlier conference call that their jobs were safe; recalled one staffer, ''He told us not to panic. He said: 'I can't get into details, but nobody will miss a car payment or lose their house. We're family. Trust me. I'm going to take care of this.'''
    Tonight Show insiders told the Hollywood Reporter that Leno had been feeling confident that the show would soon resume production, and that several possible plans — including going on with guest hosts, or with no monologue — had been discussed. But those plans did not materialize.
    Leno has been a vocal supporter of the striking writers, showing up on the picket line early on to hand out doughnuts. But some members of his non-writing staff told the Hollywood Reporter and Variety they were skeptical of his support for them, especially considering some Tonight Show writers have $500,000 salaries and are receiving residuals during this period of reruns. On Friday staffers were told they'd get Leno's annual Christmas bonus early, though in some cases that amounted to just $200. Leno's rep has defended those bonuses, saying that they weren't meant to be viewed as Leno's final gesture, and that the total amounted to $500,000 out of Leno's own pocket.

  2. Wonder if he got the idea from Conan?
  3. shame on Leno for not doing more.....:rolleyes:
  4. ^^ I don't agree with that.

    The least Leno could have done was nothing. It wasn't much, but I think it's just about the money. I think that was Leno's gesture of support to the writers. He could be upset that they're striking and he won't get paid anymore, but that gesture shows he's concerned about the well-being of his writers.

    It's also a gesture of solidarity. Like, "If they won't pay you, I'll give you money myself."

    To me, it's not important why he's doing it, I'm proud of him for doing it in the first place.
  5. ^^^caitlin, I was being sarcastic. lol I don't feel he should give them a thing....except for some moral support maybe. My sarcasm is directed at the people with a weird sense of entitlement....people that work with him and are unhappy...as though he owes them ANY financial assistance.

    I posted something similar in the conan thread.......these writers should be thanking their lucky stars they work with someone so generous. We should all be so lucky.
  6. :roflmfao: We know how he likes to ''borrow'' ideas from others.....
  7. Oh, okay.

  8. you make a fine point, and I am glad that other celebrities are coming out to help support them. Im sure they dont have a complaint in their salaries!! lol, but that is a different story