Lengths for reissues!!!

  1. could anyone tell me the lengths for reissues from size 225 to 228 in cm or inche???
  2. hi !here are the dimentions of the new reissues in cm ( the 2 largest sizes are actually 31.5cm and 35.5cm long but for convenience they're referred to as 32 and 36-at least that was what I was told!)
    I was also told that 2008 reissues are having a 4cm difference between sizes!:yes:
    I hope it helps:
    I also found this thread useful:http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/new-style-numbers-for-2-55-reissue-242715.html
  3. thanks very much, chanelspell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. you're mostly welcome!:flowers:
  5. Can I have the Length X Height X Width measurement of the new 226? Is the bottom of the new 226 wider than the old one?:confused1:
  6. It should be 28cm X 17cm X 8.5cm
    length must be the same as before but it's by an inch or 2.5 cm shorter (height) and an inch wider (depth/width) than the previous
    if you could possibly try to do a search I think some Fers got the 28 (or new 226) and maybe they can be of help!:yes:
  7. :ty:Chanelspell:ty:
  8. oh you're welcome bb!:smile:

  9. i found they are the same size...but the bottom of the new 226 is a bit wider...which is nice.