Lengthening short handles on an M by MJ turnlock bag? Advice please!

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  1. I bought an M by MJ Lady L bag in Midnight for my mother.

    I thought it would be a really nice surprise, and of course, she thanked me but then said "The straps won't fit over my coat in the winter... do you think I could take it to a cobbler and have some brass rings or something added to it so the straps will be longer?" :wtf:

    As an MJ lover, I had to gasp. But maybe I am wrong, could this be done without making the bag look awful or like a bad knock off?

  2. I'm sure rings could be added but I think it would look like a knockoff. Also, a cobbler would probably have to remove the stitching on the part of the strap where the ring connects add the new rings and re-stitch. I'm not sure how that would look. Overall I would advise against doing this. It might not be that cheap to do either. Can you return the bag and buy her another with longer straps?
  3. I would maybe return it and get something with longer straps! the quinn has longer ones as does the teri and faridah....she will most likely like those too!! they are all great styles!
  4. Unless you sent it to Artbag... and spent like.. hundreds of dollars on alterations... then maybe it'd look normal...

    I say return and find something that suits her better?
  5. I agree.

    The short strap drop has always been an issue with the Turnlock bags. I think he has since increased the drop by a little bit, but it will definately not fit comfortably over any thick winter jacket, no matter how thin your arms may be!

    I would just return it and get something else.
  6. i agree, just get another style. it's not worth messing with such a lovely design and spending tons of money...plus i think it'd look weird with extra rings...