Lengthening and Curling Mascara

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  1. Does anyone have any suggestions for a lengthening and curling mascara? I have short, straight eyelashes!
  2. Lately I've been really into Prescriptives Lash Envy.
  3. my lashes are already long (one thing that i actually DID win the genetic lottery on, lol) but DiorShow does the best job of anything making them look longer. i've tried it in side-by-side comparison with MAC, and there was a noticable difference in length. I also recommend Chanel Inimitable if you have a problem with your lashes clumping, it gives me a nice length as well as super separate lashes. I still recommend DiorShow over anything, though.
  4. L'oreal double extension, that's the only one I use
  5. MAC Fiber Rich Lash!!! You can see the fibers on the brush! Curl your lashes first, then apply this stuff in a back-and-forth motion and WOW!
  6. i'm a die-hard dior maximeyes fan but i just tried a sample of chanel inimitable and i was seriously impressed!
  7. YSL "effets faux cils" does a good job of lengthening...and doesn't clump, it is enriched with orange seed oil (??) so it smells really good and goes on smoothly.
    my only complaint is, i was told it would hold a curl but it doesn't for me (i am asian and have straight lashes). but for people with naturally curly lashes, i think this would work really well.
  8. Definitely Shiseido Lasting Lift. It really does hold my curl, although lately I've been using Chanel Inimitable. It doesn't hold it as well as Shiseido, but it separates and lengthens beautifully.