length of the insole

Jun 27, 2007
i am hearing things that a size 6 in CL the insole measures 9.5 inches? Here is the thing my feet dont even measure 9 inches, however when i put weight on them they are like 4 inches wide!!!! YIKES! i have been cursed with wide feet. Any suggestions on how to get the perfect fit. I am interested in the VP or the NP and am a first time buyer


Sep 8, 2007
The 9.5" is probably the measurement from the tip ot the shoe to the heel. My width measures 3.5".

Too bad that the search function is not working, but I've always said that the measurement of the insole lengthwise doesn't help, b/c most of the time, your feet won't go all the way up to the tip of the shoe.

I suggest that you order several pairs with different sizes and return the ones that don't fit. Also, if you're at the stores, try different styles and sizes to get the feel of what your "CL size" might be.