Length of Bambinone Strap

  1. Hi, I love the new Tutti print and I want to get a Bambinone, but I don't want a messenger type bag. I could go with the Bambino, but that's a bit smaller and I like the size of the Bambinone.

    Does anyone have a picture of the Bambinone on a person with the strap at the shortest length? Or does someone have the measurements of the strap at the shortest length? If the strap is too long then I'll go with the Bambinon.

    Thanks to anyone that can help me. =)
  2. at the shortest length, the bambinone still hits at my hip :sad:
  3. The strap is as long as one on a typical messenger bag.
  4. maybe there's a pic in the "Great Bag Reference" thread?
  5. Someone posted a pic of themself wearing the bambinone with the strap it's shortest on the shoptokidoki lj forum. It was just a couple of days ago, I believe.